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1. General Information

1.1 AMSD Ariadna™ - what is it?

AMSD Ariadna™ - is the first Russian full-featured World Wide Web browser for Windows 95 and Windows NT(Intel, DEC Alpha). AMSD Ariadna™ was designed by the specialists of the Russian company AMSD (Advanced Multimedia System Design).

AMSD Ariadna™ this is:
  • Built-in Russian character set support (Windows, KOI-8, DOS, Macintosh, ISO)
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • High performance
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • 1.2. What Ariadna means?

    The name Ariadna comes from Greek mythology. Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos who gave Theseus a ball of yarn to find his way through the labyrinth of the Minotaur. It reminds us how important it is to find the right way in the labyrinth of the networks.

    1.3. Ariadna Features

    General features:
  • AMSD Ariadna™ support main Internet protocols (HTTP, FTP, Gopher, WAIS, Telnet), local files, HTML 3.0.
  • AMSD Ariadna™ support JAVA language
  • AMSD Ariadna™ support nested tables, GIF, JPEG, XBM, PNG formats, backgrounds.
  • AMSD Ariadna™ has cache memory, enhanced system of bookmark functions, proxies support and you can send e-mail by "mail-to" function.
  • Extended features (Netscape and Internet Explorer extensions):
    AMSD Ariadna™ supports global font sizing capability, client side image mapping, font faces and colors, dynamic document updating.
    Specific AMSD Ariadna™ features:
    support main Russian character set such as KOI-8, DOS, Windows, Macintosh, ISO.

    1.4 More Details

    AMSD Ariadna™ is a multi-window Browser; the number of windows is unlimited (as opposed to similar Internet Browsers from other vendors).

    AMSD Ariadna™ features 9 different header styles with different fonts and colors, including 3-d fonts. As a result, text, displayed by AMSD Ariadna™, is more readable and looks better, than in other Browsers.

    For those Users, who are not very experienced in URL writing rules, AMSD Ariadna™ offers a URL Wizard.

    AMSD Ariadna™ exhibits outstanding handling of nested HTML tables via an original high-performance algorithm designed for table accounting. AMSD Ariadna™ can handle up to 100 nested tables. (Internet Explorer is limited to 32 tables; Netscape Navigator requires twice the memory for each subsequent table, thus limiting the number of tables to 9 with 8 Mb RAM.)

    AMSD Ariadna™ is capable of dynamic display of HTML text simultaneously with in-line image retrieval.

    AMSD Ariadna™ has multitasking architecture to support multiple activities at the same time.

    AMSD Ariadna™ is an application written in C++ and it makes use of the MFC object libraries. It was built from the ground up to ensure proper Windows interactively and true multi-threading operation. Unlike many other products on the market, it is not merely a re-compiled or enhanced version of NCSA Mosaic.

    1.5. Further plans.

    AMSD Ariadna™ was designed with the future development of the Internet in Russia in mind. Our development team's goal is to create a product capable of competing with the best Internet Browsers offered by Western vendors. (First of all we looked at Netscape and Internet Explorer).

    Competing with Netscape is no easy task and AMSD Ariadna™ is yet to reach its highest point. We plan further enhancement of our product, gradually increasing its capabilities and features. First to come are the following additional features: News, Security and Progressive JPEG.
    A major development goal is to incorporate a frame support into AMSD Ariadna™

    2. Questions and Answers

    Does your browser work on a 386 PC? What are the system requirements?
    AMSD Ariadna is 32-bit application designed for Windows 95 and NT. If you can run them, you can use Ariadna.
    Are there any plans to offer a Windows 3.x version? Perhaps with win32s?
    There is no version of Ariadna for Windows 3.x. Also we're not planning any version for Windows 3.x.
    Is AMSD planning to provide a Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX version?
    Right now we are not planning port Ariadna to that platforms. But in the future it can be possible.
    I am curious, is the print option disabled in this version?
    Because it's a BETA version. Print option available only in commercial version.
    I am using Trumpet Winsock for Internet access. I'm receiving the message "Data failed. Please Reload" while trying to open any web page. What should I do?
    AMSD Ariadna 1.2 beta 3 doesn't work properly together with the Trumpet Winsock. You need to install new AMSD Ariadna 1.3 which illuminates the problem.
    I've downloaded Ariadna 1.2 beta 1 browser and I expected to find Java applets support; but I could see just blank frames instead of applets.
    You don't have Java Developers Kit. Read on this page how to download and install JDK.
    I really like Ariadna, but I would like to know if I may put it on disk and give it to other people ?
    AMSD Ariadna is free now and you can redistribute it by any way.

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