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Step 1. Download Sun JDK

You can download JDK in one self-extracting file JDK-1_0_2-win32-x86.exe

Step 2. Remove previous versions of JDK

Important! AMSD Ariadna does work only with JDK version 1.02. There should not be any copies of previous or next versions of the Java Developers Kit on your computer. If you have JDK version other than 1.02 installed in C:\JAVA folder - please remove it.

Step 3. Unpack

After removing the previous version of the JDK, execute the new self-extracting archive to unpack the JDK files.
You should unpack the file in the ROOT DIRECTORY of C drive to create C:\JAVA.
Unpacking the archive will create a Java root directory and all of the necessary sub-directories for this release.

Step 4. Rebooting

After unpacking, you should reboot computer. After reboouting you can run browser.

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