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Project “Ariadna”

Many users all over the world know that our firm has created the first universal Russian browser. Due to constant development of functional possibilities of global Internet the software market demands browsers with newer functions. Race of developments has begun and such firms as Netscape and Microsoft have played the leading role in this process. Everybody knows the results. In pursuit of domination on the market of Internet-technologies the leaders used “super-dumping” tactics: these companies are distributing Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer practically free.

In connection with the present situation on the market of universal browsers firm AMSD suspends its works on improvements of features of AMSD Ariadna browser (project Ariadna-2) and gives the opportunity to free download the latest version 1.3 from our server. In anticipation of your numerous questions we inform you at once that version 1.3 doesn’t support frames, animated Gif - files and JavaScript. JAVA is supported by installation of SUN JDK 1.02 on your computer and supported HTML version is 3.2.

At the same time AMSD continues to develop means, supporting different Internet-technologies and basing on our browser AMSD Ariadna. Among these are technologies concerning protection from unauthorized access, data filters protecting children from inappropriate for their age information (violence, pornography, narcotics etc.), improvements of methods and means for information search in Internet and others.

Simultaneously we are working on support of above-mentioned technologies on the base of Microsoft Internet Explorer. In other words AMDS didn’t stop its works in the field of creation means for support modern Internet-technologies. We have simply changed some priorities in our activity and as before hope that interested firms will see us among the developers and suppliers of this software class.

What's new in AMSD Ariadna™ 1.3

  • Automatic recognition of Russian layout. Unlike the former versions of AMSD Ariadna, where coding were switch automatically only if they were settled in the caption or in the document body, the new version of AMSD Ariadna recognizes "with a rush" Russian layout by data content, and thus you need no reloading. All the problems KOI-8 and Windows concerned may be solved by the browser, and not by the web-master.
  • Built-in English-Russian dictionary including over 50 000 entries.
  • The version is completely localized and contains help service in Russian.

New features in AMSD Ariadna™ 1.2 Beta 1

  • Support of Java applications
  • Support of all Russian character sets (Windows, KOI-8, Macintosh, DOS, ISO)
  • Automatic recognition of Russian character set
  • New hierarchical bookmarks
  • PNG graphics format support
  • "Turbo mode" dramatically increases Ariadna performance but requires additional memory and processor resources (486/66 and 16MB RAM)
  • Fixed error with invalid language in Help file

New features in AMSD Ariadna™ 1.1 Beta 1

  • Built-in internet-telephone AMSD EasyTalk
  • New Help
  • Fixed errors with Proxy
  • Fixed errors with Mail sending
  • Fixed few errors with Tables

New features in AMSD Ariadna™ Beta 4

  • Russian version of Ariadna (for WinNT and Russian Win95)
  • MSIE Extension: BGSOUND
  • Support of Russian character set CP866(DOS)
  • Added "Don't use proxy for..."
  • Download statistics
  • Simple built-in editor

New features in AMSD Ariadna™ Beta 3

  • Font Faces [ Arial - Courier New - Times New Roman ]
  • Fast tables
  • Support for <LINK> tag
  • New Setup with uninstall ability
  • Global font sizing
  • Font setting simplified
  • MIME type settings improved
  • Proxy fixed
  • Incorrect form viewing fixed

New features in AMSD Ariadna™ Beta 2

  • Client side maps
  • Font Colors
  • Dynamic document updating
  • Automatic detection for images dithering
  • A lot of bugs fixed

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